Total Number Of Sites Of School 1 Total Number Of Building Blocks 1
Total Area Of School In Square Metres 12950 Total Number Of Rooms 22
Total Area Of Playground In Square Metres 7500 Total Number Of Playgrounds 2
Total Number Of Small -Sized Rooms 7 Total Number Of Medium- Sized Rooms 15
Total Number Of Large – Sized Rooms 6 Number Of Laboratories 6
Total Number Of Female Rest Room 1 Total Number Of Boys Rest Room 1
Number Of Boys Toilet 4 Number Of Girls Toilet 4
Number Of Washrooms For Female Staff 1 Number Of Washrooms For Male Staff 1
Total Numer Of Libraries 1 Number Of Digital Classrooms 2
Number Of Water Purifiers/ROs 1 Number Of Activity Rooms 1
Total Number Of Computers In All Computer Lab 21 Mathematics Lab(in sq.meters) 46.4
Library Size(in sq.meters) 111.5 Physics Lab size(in sq.meters) 55.7
Chemistry Lab(in sq.meters) 55.7 Biology Lab(in sq.meters) 55.7
Composite Science Lab Size(in sq.meters) 55.7 Rooms Greater Than 500 sq FT 7
Computer Lab Size(in sq.meters) 55.7 Rooms Less Than 400 sq FT 3
Rooms Between 400 to 500 sq FT 7 Dance/Music Facility Yes
Indoor Game Facility Yes Fire Alarms Yes
WI-FI Enabled Yes Does the school have a strong room? Yes
Guard Employed For Safety Yes Sports Facility Yes
Clinic Facility Yes Provision Of WEB Based Learning Programs Yes
Boundary Wall Yes CCTV Cameras Installed Yes
Fire Extinguishers Yes Building Safety Certificate Yes